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2023 Pricing

Adult - $46.50

Youth - $26.50 (12 & under)

Infants - Free (1yr & under)

View from boay overlooking water and sky with rainbow and clouds in the background

Sat & Sun - June-Sept

Adult - $46.50

Youth - $26.50

Adult - $46.50

Youth - $26.50 (12 & under)

Infants - Free (1yr & under)

Sunset with red sky and sun going down on water glistening with lighthouse in the background

Fri & Sat - June-Sept

Adult - $49.75

Youth - $26.50

1.5hr Private Tour starts at

$1500 for up to 50 guests

$2000 for 51-70 guests

Additional fees for extra time

can be added in 1/2hr 



Fancy dinner placemat setting with cutlery, wine glasses, white plates with anchor souvenir in the middle and a centrepeice of a bouquet white flowers



Contact to discuss

your private charter


For our featured tours

such as boat dinner cruises, 

live entertainment cruises

etc. Prices will vary.

Please click below to view 

our calendar of featured

events and pricing.

Black and white image of fireworks going off in the sky

Check calendar to see

available featured tours

or visit our different 

featured tours webpages

to get more info.

Winter scene of Collingwood Chartered boat and snow covering the water overlooking the yellow sky sunset and ski hills in background

All prices are subject to HST and a service fee

Questions about our service fee or pricing?
Please visit our FAQ page

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