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5 Tips For a Successful Rainy Day Boat Tour

If you're waking up to rain on the day of your boat tour, don't worry - in most cases, it's still going to be on! At Collingwood Charters, our boat tours continue on in all kinds of weather, so you'll have no problems getting out there on the water. But what if you're worried about the rain dampening your boat tour experience? Here are our top five tips for making sure your rainy day boat tour still goes off without a hitch.

1) Bring an Umbrella, Raincoat, or Both!

The most obvious tip when it comes to rainy day boat tours is making sure you have the right gear. So, be sure to bring an umbrella and/or a raincoat to make sure you stay dry and comfortable.

And if it's a really rainy day, you may even want to consider bringing an extra change of clothes. This is especially true if you have plans right after - you don't want to be stuck in wet clothes all day!

2) Spend Time in Our Fully Enclosed Downstairs Lounge

If you find yourself getting a bit chilly or wet, then feel free to take refuge in the fully enclosed downstairs lounge of our ship, the Huronic. Here you can enjoy the full tour experience from the comfort and warmth of our lounge, no rain needed.

3) ...Or on Our Covered Upper Deck Area

Worried you're going to miss something if you're spending all your time down below? Then you'll be happy to know that our upper deck area is 80% covered! You can still enjoy the view and fresh air up there, without having to worry about getting drenched.

Plus, the upper deck of the Huronic also gives you the option to lower wind and rainproof windows. Doing this ensures you stay cozy and dry, no matter what the weather.

4) Bring Binoculars for Wildlife Spotting

Another great way to make sure your boat tour isn't a total washout is to bring a pair of binoculars. With the right kind of optics, you can keep your eyes out for wildlife even in the rain. You'll be surprised at how much you can see when you're out on the water!

5) Don't Forget Your Camera (Water-Resistant, Of Course)!

If you're hoping to snap some photos of the beautiful sights that Georgian Bay has to offer, then you can still do that in the rain - just don't forget to bring a water-resistant camera.

While you may want to put it away during any heavy rain, if the weather lightens up, you'll want to be able to capture some of the sights and sounds of your rainy day boat tour.

The Bottom Line

Rainy day boat tours can be just as exciting and enjoyable if you come prepared - so don't let the rain dampen your experience! With the right gear and the right seat aboard the Huronic, you can have a great time out on the water, no matter what Mother Nature has in store. So grab your umbrella, raincoat, and camera (water-resistant of course), and you’re ready for a successful rainy day boat tour with Collingwood Charters. Happy boating!

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