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Partner Spotlight: Fig & Feta

If you're looking for a delicious and authentic Greek dining experience, look no further than Fig & Feta. This charming eatery and market is located in Collingwood, Ontario, and it offers a wide variety of traditional dishes that will tantalize your taste buds. From mouth-watering appetizers to decadent desserts, Fig & Feta has something for everyone. Let's take a closer look at this local Collingwood business in this week's Partner Spotlight!

About Fig & Feta

If you like the idea of a fresh, healthy take on traditional Greek food, you're going to love the dishes offered at Fig & Feta. Not only is none of their food deep fried, but it's always made fresh to order. Don't let this healthy spin on Greek food fool you, though, - you can be sure that all the spices, sauces, and dips are full of those traditional Greek flavours.

Indeed, you'll find that the food at Fig & Feta is in line with how the Greeks usually approach food. They're simple dishes with a focus on authentic raw ingredients, slow-cooked and seasoned with olive oil and herbs. This is the way that Greek food has been made for centuries, and it's a tradition that Fig & Feta is proud to continue.

Dining Menu

Now that you have an idea of the food philosophy behind Fig & Feta, let's take a look at some of the mouth-watering dishes on their dining menu.

Signature Fig & Feta

If you're looking for something a little different than a traditional Greek salad, then you'll want to give their Signature Fig & Feta a try. Enjoy fresh mixed greens, red onion, tomato, red and yellow pepper, cucumber, sautéed mushroom, fig, feta cheese, house made Greek dressing, and a balsamic reduction. You can even add protein for an extra charge.

Moussaka Dinner

This classic Greek dish is always a hit at Fig & Feta. It's made with eggplant, potato, and ground beef, and topped with a creamy Béchamel sauce. This is served with a Greek salad, tzatziki, and your choice of two sides.

Handmade Baklava

For dessert, you can't go wrong with the Baklava. This traditional Greek pastry is made with phyllo dough, chopped nuts, cinnamon, and honey. It's the perfect way to finish off your meal at Fig & Feta.


If you're looking to take some of that authentic Greek food home with you, then you may want to stop by the Fig & Feta market. Here are some of the items you'll find there:

  • Gyros

  • Souvlaki

  • Spanakopita and tiropita

  • Bougatsa

  • Various cheeses

  • Various olive oils

  • Capers

  • Fava beans and dolmades

This is just a taste of what they have available, so be sure to stop by the market and see all they have to offer!

The Bottom Line

When it comes to Greek food, Fig & Feta is the real deal. If you're looking for an authentic and delicious Greek dining experience, this is the place to go. Be sure to check out their dining menu and market the next time you're in Collingwood!

If you’re headed to Fig & Feta anyway, why not stop by for a boat tour? Take a look at the Collingwood Charters events calendar here.

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